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My name is Jarrod and this is my little slice of the internet.

I'm a PHP developer and I've been in the game for awhile now. This is me wanting to give something back and hopfully teach a folk or two out there a couple of new tricks. So sit back and make yourself comfortable; have a look around...

Design Pattern: Blog ERD

posted 3 years ago / 9 comments

With any new project, a solid design is a good place to start. So often have I seen databases designed on-the-fly only for data to be shuffled...

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Generate a Letter Collage With PHP

posted 3 years ago / 1 comments

Today I saw a picture my cousin, clever little cookie, had generated of letters randomly placed and tightly grouped, but not overlapping, to form an image which...

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NEWS: 03·11·11
Blog is now live! Watch out for that rough edge, I'm still working on it!

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